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These handmade dehydrated treats are to die for!

Why are they better than other treats we tried? They are FRESH, have no adders and they only last 60 days even when bag is unopened. DOGS LOVE THEM ♡

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What looks better than dogs? 

      - Dogs with crowns 

These handmade crowns are suitable for dogs, babies, kids, humans, weddings... whatever you wish!

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Simple, stylish and very functional dog toys, accessories and beds.

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We learned the hard way that Nube has a very sensitive stomach. After months of trying to understand what is causing her issues, we discovered she is allergic to a few things:

~ Rye

~ Maize

~ Grain

~ Rice

~ Salmon

~ Chicken

While we eliminated all that, we still fed her food in a form of kibble. Until she stopped eating. And that was not her bing stubborn and wanting better food, that was her telling us, she CAN'T eat kibble anymore.

After a lot of calculations, allergy tests and being very hesitant, we switched to MY OLLIE and haven't looked back since

While we are not a brand ambassador and do not have a code to share, we'd love to give out a few FREE BOXES of Ollie food to those struggling to find food that works for their dog as well.

If you are interested, shoot us a message on IG or an email, and we will try to set you up with a FREE box!